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零距离 (Zero Distance) is a 5-piece band under OBAR Group. Led by Jenix Ee, an established female vocalist-cum-guitarist, the band also consists of Tony Shen (keyboardist), Weisheng Tan (electric guitarist) and Vicknes Vinayak (drummer). 

With deep-seated experience & depth in her music, and coupled with the support of well-versed partners, Zero Distance expresses versatility in Mandarin, English, Cantonese, Hokkien & Korean songs. Zero Distance brings music close to your heart.

Catch them live at OBAR Punggol every Saturday at 8pm!

Band Members

Jenix Ee/Lead Vocalist

Jenix is a multilingual vocalist/guitarist who first started performing at a "Xinyao" music cafe named TCR in 2005. She had participated in local concerts alongside various Xinyao veterans, as well as in Chengdu Youth Music Festival in China in 2014. 
Due to her passion for music, she proceeded to perform at other live music venues like OBAR etc to widen her repertoire from Xinyao, Classics to Top 40s hits. 
Jenix has over 2000 subscribers on her Youtube channel <jenixmilk>, which is driven by the Kpop wave. 

Tony Shen/Keyboardist

Tony Shen is one of the few keyboardists in Singapore who is able to play comfortably in various genres of music such as lounge, pop rock, jazz etc. 
Holding a Diploma Certificate by Lasalle SIA College of Fine Arts, Tony served his National Service as a keyboardist in Singapore Armed Forces Music and Drama Company under the String Ensemble and the Rock Band. MDC provided him with the platform to perform for many high key events. 
He performed in many overseas performances which includes Australia, Brunei and China. Local music venues he had performed at includes Esplanade, Sentosa, J Bar, Beer Exchange. Tony is also actively involved in music events such as Jazz By The Beach , Hua Yi Festival of Arts etc. 

Weisheng Tan/Electric Guitarist

Wei Sheng is a prominent guitar prodigy having offered his skills to various bands in Singapore. He is definitely no stranger to local music scene. 
He had graced venues such as Esplanade, Hard Rock Cafe, Club Illusion, Club Pixie, Club Viva, etc. Friendly and outgoing, Wei Sheng is a joy to watch.

Vicknes Vinayak/Drummer

Vicknes Vinayak, with a stage name of Vic Vee, has been a professional drummer since 1997 when he was scouted and brought into the cast of Chang & Eng The Musical by the late award winning Music Director, Mr. Iskandar Ismail Vic. 
Vic Vee has since played in numerous renowned musicals such as Man of Letters, Admiral's Odyssey, Dim Sim Dollies etc. Vic whose main projects included theatre musicals, also performed at numerous clubs and bars in Singapore with local bands like Shagies and True Colours from USA. 
He was then scouted by yet another award winning Music Director Mr. Goh Keng Long, and soon become the drummer for international artistes like JJ Lin and A-Do (Singapore), and David Tao (Taiwan) during their concert tours. 

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